February 2020 Meeting of the White Plains Common Council

February 2020 Meeting of the White Plains Common Council


The White Plains Common Council held its regular monthly meeting on February 3, 2020. Highlights were as follows:

The council’s public hearing on a zoning change for the Good Counsel campus was postponed to May 4 following the developer’s submission of a revised plan.

During the meeting, the Council approved a capital improvement plan for Gillie Park and the related borrowing, as well as the lease of city-owned property for solar energy which will be available to White Plains residents at a discount.  Grants and donations were accepted for the fire and police departments and a Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program.

Public hearings were set for March 2 on discontinuing an unimproved portion of N. Lexington Avenue north of Water Street and for a government use permit for Mt. Hope A.M.E. Zion Church for an emergency overnight overflow shelter.

At the Citizens to be Heard session before the meeting, a citizen spoke against the proposed development at Good Counsel, and how the city can deal with the climate crisis.

Submitted by LWVWP Board Member Clifford Blau

The calendar of upcoming meetings for the various boards and agencies can be found at  https://www.cityofwhiteplains.com/853/Common-Council-BoardsCommissions-Mtgs-Ca

Meetings and Citizens to be Heard can be viewed at http://whiteplainsny.swagit.com/live/ or on your government cable access channel.

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