Early Voting Survey Results - Fall 2019

Early Voting Survey Results - Fall 2019


The League of Women Voters of New York State has published the results of the early voting survey based on the Fall 2019 election. https://www.lwvnyonline.org/advocacy/election-law/2019/November/LWVNYS-Report-on-Early-Voting-Survey.pdf

Their Conclusion:

The League of Women Voters applauds the New York State Board of Elections and all 62 county boards of elections for their tireless work in making the first year of early voting a success. Thank you to the dedicated election commissioners, staff, and volunteers, who worked tirelessly to finally bring early voting to New York State. Early voting in 2019 was far from perfect but it was a fantastic first run. We are looking forward to seeing improvements in our early voting operations ahead of the 2020 primaries and general election. The League will continue to work to educate voters about the early voting period and we hope to continue to collaborate with the Board of Elections and the New York State Legislature on making these necessary changes.

The LWV NYS has also published the Testimony Before Joint Standing Committeees on Election Law from Nov. 20th, 2019 where the results of the survey were presented. The complete testimony is available https://www.lwvnyonline.org/advocacy/election-law/2019/November/Early-Voting-Testimony-and-Survey-Report.pdf

In their own words: 

During the early voting period, the League conducted a statewide survey to find out about New Yorkers’ experiences voting early for the first time... In addition to our survey, the League received dozens of emails and phone calls from voters and League members reporting issues about their early voting and Election Day voting experiences... Although there were several areas in need of improvement, it cannot be overstated how overwhelmingly positive the overall response was from voters who voted early. More than 90% said they plan to vote early again in the future. In spite of the overall positive outcome, there were several common issues that can be categorized into four areas: poll site location, poll worker readiness, equipment onboarding, and board of election outreach.


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