December 2019 Meeting of the White Plains Common Council

December 2019 Meeting of the White Plains Common Council


The White Plains Common Council held its regular monthly meeting on December 2, 2019.  At this meeting, the council once again adjourned a public hearing on the zoning change for 52 N. Broadway for an additional two months.  It also held a hearing on a proposed skybridge over Longview Avenue to be built by White Plains Hospital.

The council approved about $18,500 in tax refunds due to reduced property assessments and accepted grants for lights at Renaissance Park and for youth programs.

Councilmembers Lecouna and Krolian, it being their last month on the council, gave farewell addresses.

The council also held a work session on November 25, 2019, to discuss health benefits for retired firefighters. An ordinance repealing their required contribution at a loss of over $1.5 million was offered and tabled at the December 2 meeting, to be taken up later in the month.

At the Citizens to be Heard session before the meeting, citizens paid tribute to the retiring councilmembers, environmental problems at 52 N. Broadway, and on health benefits for retired firefighters.

Submitted by LWVWP Board Member Clifford Blau

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