Executive Board

Executive Board


  • President: Stephen Cohen (lwvwp.president [at] gmail.com)
  • Vice President: Barbara Noach
  • Membership: Doris Dingott (lwvwp.membership [at] gmail.com)
  • Treasurer: Irene Kohn
  • Voter Service: Barbara Noach (lwvwp.voterservice [at] gmail.com)
  • Vote 18: Beth Kava
  • Candidate Forums: Stephen Cohen (lwvwp.candidateforums [at] gmail.com)
  • Publicity: Madeline Zevon
  • Recording Secretary: Barbara Shore
  • Corresponding Secretary: Janice Abbott
  • Youth Programs: Ruth Goldberg
  • Programs: Susan Altman
  • Health Care: Madeline Zevon
  • Local Government: Clifford Blau
  • At Large Director: Barbara Cooper
  • At Large Director: Carol Heller

    Off-Board Volunteers
  • Headlines Editor: Libby Hollahan
  • Naturalization Court: Dorothy Schere
  • Webmaster: Kathleen Kiernan (lwvwp.webmaster [at] gmail.com)

Past Presidents: Janice Abbott, Madeline Zevon, Marge Davies, Lyn Lubliner, Beth Smayda

LWVWP Board Meetings

League of Women Voters of White Plains board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month from September through June. League members are welcome at any of our meetings.

Meetings are held in the White Plains Public Library. They are scheduled from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

If plan to attend lwvwp.president [at] gmail.com (email us) so we can be sure to share that month’s meeting agenda with you.