Voting November 3

Voting November 3

Drop Boxes

 For the 2020 election, every California registered voter has been sent a

Vote-by-Mail Ballot.

You can track your ballot when it is mailed, received and counted here:

PDF iconList of Ballot Drop Boxes in our local League's area


PDF iconClick here for the Easy Voter Guide.



Easy Voter Guide


USE THE LINKS BELOW AS YOUR VOTING RESOURCES to find all the facts on your ballot and your polling place.Voters Edge website   Check voter registration status.   Information for college students to vote away from home.  LA County Registrar of Voters website has a wealth of voting information.  Good information on the Secretary of State's website.  Nonpartisan information about how to vote and what's on the ballot.  Digital enclyclopedia of American politics and elections.    Ballot guide to boost youth participation


 Pros and Cons Presentations For the 2020 November election we will be doing pros and cons by Zoom Webinar. We will video them on Sunday, October 4 and make them publicly available. We will not be sending anyone to present in person. Feel free to contact us at: info [at]