Future Elections

Future Elections

League members assist with a mock elction at Claremont High School to encourage voter engagement.



www.votersedge.org to find all the facts on your ballot and your polling place.Voters Edge website

 voterstatus.sos.ca.gov   Check voter registration status.


www.bestcolleges.com/resources/student-voting-guide   Information for college students to vote away from home.

www.lavote.net  LA County Registrar of Voters website has a wealth of voting information.

www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voting-resources  Good information on the Secretary of State's website.

www.easyvoterguide.org  Nonpartisan information about how to vote and what's on the ballot.

www.ballotopedia.org  Digital enclyclopedia of American politics and elections.

www.rockthevote.com    Ballot guide to boost youth participation


 Pros and Cons Presentations The Claremont Area League has a Speakers Bureau trained before each state election to discuss the arguments both for and against propositions on the ballot for that election and to distribute information to help voters make their own decisions about how they wish to vote. Just call or e mail our office at least one month before the election to schedule a presentation for your group. Go to Contact us.

Candidates Forums The Claremont Area League moderate Candidates Forums for local elections. Remarks by the candidates are timed to ensure that each candidate is given even handed treatment. Written questions are taken from the audience and are reviewed to ensure civil discourse and an opportunity for each candidate to respond to each question. Just call or e mail our office at least one month before the election to ask that the League moderate a forum for your group. Go to Contact us.